Sunday, 27 November 2011

It's been an up and down kind of month here at BeeBee Towers. With some of the highs that come with daily life there have been some incredible lows.

I can finally talk about what has been driving me crazy, well crazier than normal anyway. Now it's a question of whether I should or not.

I know morally that I should have no shame in what has occurred and that someone I once considered a close friend decided that rather than tell me she was in financial difficulty she instead decided to turn to crime and steal a substantial amount of money from a child-based charity. Still the people involved although they plead guilty refuse publicly to admit to their wrongdoing.

I am finding this tough. I thought that this person was a good friend. I did favours for this person and visa versa. I still miss her as a friend. I have a whole where this person fitted and completed me. Her views on life to a point rubbed off on me, looking back not all of them good. I have had to come to terms with losing this person without any fight or disagreement just a police report and a court case.

Yes, she has been found guilty but it doesn't seem real. I thought that the sentence would make me feel something, and it has... disappointment. I feel partially let down by the system. Something that in my small community has impacted the lives of so many families. It feels as if the people involved are laughing at us, as if they 'got' away with something.

Why can't they admit that they did something wrong instead of blaming a larger hidden agenda?

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